A Much Needed Update: Highlights of 2017

Every time I’m away from the blog for too long, I return with an apology and a promise to do better...but not this time!

I pledged to blog more at the beginning of 2017 but “what had happened was” my year ended up so jam-packed that at some point I had to make the decision to prioritise and channel my limited time and energy appropriately. It’s not because I didn’t have much to share on here, because I did. I just found that being more active on Twitter and Instagram was a wiser use of my time so that I could intensely pursue other ventures. If you follow me on those platforms, you wouldn’t have missed too much. And if you still aren’t following me, I’m just wondering why? The links are everywhere on this website. Join the circle!

Back to my jam-packed year. Here are some highlights:



It was a busy year, full of highs and lows. My son turned three and started preschool. My daughter turned one. I really poured my soul into caring for them and if you’re a mum of more than one you know about that juggle life, made more challenging by my husband working away most of the week. But I have to say I met some wonderful people who made my life so much easier by their acts of service and kindness. Like my friend Katie who gave us more than a few rides to pre-school saving us time and bus fare. Yes I still don’t drive. Yes it’s still high on my to do list. You can see more of our year in photos HERE



I focused HEAVILY on my photography in 2017. The business aspect as well as developing my art. If you haven’t visited the Photography section of the website, please check it out! My efforts paid off and I experienced real growth. I booked more clients than previous years, I did the kinds of shoots that I set out to do, I did quite a few collaborations with other businesses; in short, 2017 was a turning point in my photography because I really focused my energy. My blogging hiatus wasn’t for nothing. 



One of the most AMAZING things that happened to me last year is collaborating with Colourful Beginnings (CB), a non-profit organisation that supports families of premature babies and babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). One of the ways we do that is to send request based care packages to the families throughout the year as well as Christmas care package deliveries to specific NICUs the last two years. It started out as me just wanting to contribute in some way to a very worthy cause and ended with me working pretty much full time with CB. Now I am lead photographer for the CB NICU sessions, mini photo sessions included in the care packages. I am also actively involved in the Media management of the organisation. Please check out the website and follow @colourfulbeginnings on Instagram to know more about what we do. And please do get involved however you can because the work CB does is only made possible by generous donations in cash and in kind.


So now you know a bit more about what I’ve been doing. 2018 is equally as jam-packed! So much so that I’m only just posting this review (that I started writing last month). January was slow for most people, but for me it FLEW because of all the things I meant to accomplish; some of which remain undone. But one thing I really need to work on this year is celebrating my small wins! I have a terrible habit of giving myself way too much to do and when I’m unable to achieve 10% of them, I beat myself up so much despite the fact that I knocked 90% out of the park. That ends now!

Cheers to a fantastic 2018 and being a lot more intentional, consistent and super positive!




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