Thirty Before 30


This post is inspired by one a friend of mine did on things she wants to accomplish before she is 30. 


Here is my own Thirty before 30: things I want to do by the time I am 30.


1. Be done having children. It was my desire to have my first child before 25 and thank God that happened. Now I hope to have my family complete before 30. Which leads me to number two...

2. Be a foster mom or adopt a child. So many children out there need love.

3. Be a school teacher for at least six months. I absolutely adore teaching kids.

4. Get another diploma or degree completely unrelated to the ones I already have. Was thinking something to do with infant nutrition? I am very interested in that.

5. Be widely known for my photographic work. I want to have exhibited my work in every continent by the time I am 30.

6. Own my own photo studio.

7. Meet and work with Jeff Wall, Tom Hunter or Gregory Crewdson. They are some of my photography idols and it would be a great honour.

8. Paint a picture to hang anywhere in my house.

9. Own a house. Fully detached with a big garden.

10. Grow my own fruits and vegetables in my garden or allotment.

11. Be completely pescaterian! Although I am not a big meat eater, this has been a little difficult because my husband is a carnivore but I would like to eventually cut meat completely from my diet.

12. Learn to cook seafood really well.

13. Eat at a 3 star Michelin restaurant. One of Michel Roux Jr.'s restaurants would be lovely. Throw in a hug from him and I would be so happy (and pass out more than likely...HAHAHA!)

14. Audition for X-Factor or The Voice. Don't want to get on the show, just want to audition.

15. Be an extra in a block buster film.

16. Go completely blond! I hope I am brave enough someday.

17. Get my abs back. I used to be an athlete in high school and I would really love to be that fit again.

18. Skydive!

19. Get rid of my fear and learn to drive.

20. Own a Mini Cooper. Car of my dreams!

21. Volunteer in an HIV/AIDS centre. I believe we can rid the world of this disease and I want to be a part of the solution.

22. Make a worship record. I have to use this voice that God gave me!

23. Meet and shake hands with Dame Julie Andrews. I have loved her since forever!

24. Meet the Queen. I have to let her know she is my adopted grandma.

25. Have my portrait painted by a master portrait artist.

26. Learn to do basic makeup. I suck so bad at doing makeup perhaps because I almost never wear any.

27. Learn to swim. Yup I just never learnt. Thanks mom and dad!

28. Learn Italian. I am hoping this wouldn't be too hard with my knowledge of French and Spanish.

29. Get 2 more tattoos. One for my son and the other for my next kid.

30. Go back to taking Bass lessons and stick with it this time. I want to be a master Bassist!


Whew there is so much more I want to do! Maybe I will do a 40 before 40 or 50 before 50 list. I pray I get most of these done by 30. How awesome would that be?!