30 Week Update


Hey Fam!

Coming to you all today with an update. We are now 30 weeks in. So about 10 more weeks until we welcome baby number 2. *screams* 

Since my last post, not a whole lot of news except:

1. I had my GTT (glucose tolerance test). No problems there, thankfully!

2. Had a 28 week check a couple of weeks ago with the midwife and baby is growing beautifully, head down already and kicking like mad. I kid you not, I don't think this baby ever rests. 😅

3. I am more tired, sleeping is getting harder and I just started waddling. Hello Penguin life!

4. We went for a 3D/4D scan and it was REALLY amazing! I recommend the Baby Scan Clinic on Harley street. We had a wonderful bonding experience with baby in the womb. My husband didn't even know I had booked it. Just told him we were having a family day out and he couldn't guess what we were going for until we walked into the room and he saw the machines. He loved the surprise. We were able to watch baby live; kicking, swallowing, yawning and making funny faces. We got prints of the images, digital copies and a DVD of the live view. We will cherish those memories forever. If you're thinking of doing this kind of scan, go for it! I should add, I got a really good deal for it so do shop around to find what is best for you.

5. We have now confirmed baby's sex and I am curious to see some predictions from you all. So I will be doing a separate post next to share the gender prediction giveaway details. 😊

So apart from the constant spitting and the occasional nausea/fatigue, all is well and we are really grateful and can't wait to meet baby. Time seems to be flying by now.


Other life updates:

We finally moved to our new house last week. YAY!! Thanks for your prayers. I had mixed feelings about moving as our new home is quite far from where we have lived for the past 3 years. I am going to miss our life there and all my friends. However, I am looking forward to starting a new life and making new friends. Oh yes before I forget, got my maternity photographs back then realised that they are not the sort of photographs we are comfortable sharing after all. Sorry!

Coming up next, details for baby's gender prediction giveaway. Look out for it!

Much love.




[feature image by Ania Lucid]