9 Months Update


Hello Friends!

This update is overdue but I am sure you guys understand how challenging it is to sit and write at this stage. Well I hope you understand. So the end is finally in sight. Everyone is excited. I have started getting "is baby here yet?" messages. Sorry guys, baby is not here yet but I am hoping that sometime in the next few days, we will welcome our blessing.


Just a few updates since the last time:

1. I became slightly anaemic and had to start taking iron tablets (which do horrible things to my stomach) but not for very long because when they retested, my levels had gone back to normal. Thank Jesus!

2. I had a slight scare at 36 weeks. Had an unexplained fever and went to the hospital. Baby's heart rate had to be monitored for several hours because how I was feeling was affecting baby. Thankfully after a course of antibiotic drips and paracetamol, I could go home. I recovered quickly. Again, grateful it was not anything more serious.

3. I had an appointment with my doctor and she is fully in support of my plan for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) so God willing, things will go as planned. I have done all I can to prepare but it is all in God's hands now.

4. My mother arrives tomorrow for the Nigerian tradition of caring for the new mother popularly known as "Omugwo". I am so happy. I have missed her so much since I saw her last summer and I am looking forward to someone taking care of me for a change.

5. Everything and everyone is READY! 

I pray that my next update will be a celebratory one. This month has been a great one with many testimonies including our third marriage anniversary. Feeling very blessed indeed! If you still wish to participate in the gender prediction and get a chance to win a £20 Amazon gift voucher, click here to enter. Entries close at midnight of the 1st of May (this Sunday) or if baby happens to come before, entries will close on that day.

God bless you all for your prayers and well wishes. My family and I really appreciate you.


A très bientôt!