ChiddyBear's Birth-Story (Part 1)


It is just over a week since my bundle of joy arrived. I now feel more relaxed and ready to share my pregnancy and birth story. So here it goes...


My pregnancy was quite smooth. I conceived immediately after our civil wedding. My husband and I were excited and grateful for the precious gift. But like many pregnant women before me can tell you, when morning sickness struck, it struck like a storm. I could neither eat nor drink and threw up constantly. I was completely dehydrated and went from 58kg pre-pregnancy to 50kg in 3 weeks. I was only 3 months away from finishing my Masters degree course and I had to request a deferment because of how sick I was. On top of all that, we were planning the Nigerian wedding celebration and that came with its own bags of stress. Thankfully because I was taking some antiemetics, by the time I got to Nigeria, I started feeling much better. Fast forward to 18 weeks pregnant, I was still listless and lethargic and when a full blood count was done, I was found to be severely anaemic and placed on a high dose of iron/folic acid immediately. From then on things got much better.

So apart from those things my pregnancy was great, low risk and pretty much hassle free. I hoped to have a natural labour and delivery without pain medication. I wrote a birth plan, which included hydrotherapy (water labour and birth) and the use of Entonox (gas and air) to help with the pain. By 38 weeks, I was ready and eager to meet my little man. My mother arrived from Nigeria on the Monday and after weeks of false labour, I went into real labour during the early hours of Wednesday. Around 3am, the contractions started coming in full force. Shortly after, I had "a bloody show" i.e. I started losing the mucus plug. My husband was working the night shift so when my contractions started getting closer together and more painful, we called him to come home and take us to the hospital.