Faith School or Nah?

I planned a different post for today but after reading an article on when muslim girls should start wearing the hijab this morning, I was reminded of a matter that came up in our home recently. Our son is hopefully going to start big school in 2018 so the question of whether or not our children should go to faith schools came up.

I made a friend recently whose children go to a faith school and it was interesting to hear her point of view. Herself and her husband preferred their kids to be completely immersed in Christianity. She didn't want them going to schools where they would be taught anything that didn't align with their efforts to raise their children in a christian way. We were having this conversation just before Halloween so she cited that as an example. They were happy that their kids went to a school that didn't celebrate it. She gave other examples and her arguments for faith schools made sense to me. 

So I went home and had a long discussion with my husband about it. We've casually talked about it before but this time we dug deep. His opinion was that he didn't think going to faith schools was necessary. He said that if we did the work of bringing them up in the way of the Lord at home and at church, there was no need to further wrap them up in a bubble by sending them to faith schools. He wanted them knowing about the real world too. Sounds like a pretty good argument too and I agree to an extent. Do we really think we can shield our children from the world? But does that mean we don't try at all? Would going to faith schools make them closed minded or would it create a more solid foundation in our faith?

I am not completely sure how I feel about the issue but my mind is not closed to my kids going to faith schools. I have so many questions. I guess I need to do some research and pray more about it.

Fam, what do you think? Would/do you send your children to faith schools? Why or why not? Did you attend faith schools? How did that impact your life? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.