Gender Prediction Giveaway


Happy March to You All! 

As promised, here are the details for baby's gender prediction giveaway. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.


To enter, you need to guess baby's:

1. Gender

2. Arrival Date

3. Birth Weight

Baby's estimated due date is within the first week of May. To get a rough idea of possible arrival date and birth weight, you could refer to Chiddybear's birth story.

The winner will be the person whose guesses are closest to reality and he/she will receive a £20 Amazon Voucher. If you already know what we're having, I am sorry but that disqualifies you from winning. However, feel free to play along anyway (no spoilers, abeg!)

Leave your guesses in a comment below and please don't forget to add your name and email address when you comment so that I can contact you if you win. Alternatively email your predictions. The winner will be announced after baby is born. If more than one entrant makes the same guess and wins, the prize will be split equally between the winners. Entry closes on May 1st or the day baby arrives. Entries after those dates would be invalid.

I am curiously looking forward to your predictions. Should be fun!