My Baby Essentials


This is not a list of things that I think all new mums must have. It is a list of a few items that I found useful when I had my son and some that I did not discover until later, which I consider must-haves this time. I am now ready to start shopping for baby and have been working with my personal baby list, which is basically the list I got from signing up with Mummy Fix, edited to suit my needs. It is a brilliant and comprehensive list by the way. I recommend signing up for it if you're expecting. As this is not my first, there are many items on the original list that I already have but I still found it a great place to start. The following items are my top essentials:


1. Post Birth Pants

These were great! As I had a c-section, I needed pants that didn't sit on my wound, that were breathable and comfortable with those chunky maxi pads. I recommend these whatever kind of birth you're having. Link to where to buy them below. Please read all the the details about it to make sure it suits your needs before buying.


2. Co-sleeper

 I bought a Moses basket and cotbed last time. My son didn't sleep in the Moses basket for more than 3 weeks and he is just now starting to sleep in the cotbed because we have been bed-sharing all along. This time I feel like trying something different and I have heard many good things about co-sleepers so I am thinking of buying the SnuzPod because of its cool features illustrated in the video below:

Has anyone used this crib? How do you rate it? What co-sleeper would you recommend?

3. Sling/Baby Carrier

I am a HUGE fan of slings and baby carriers so they are definitely a must-have for me. I wore my son exclusively until he was 18 months. For the first 3 months I used a baby björn, which knowing what I know now about babywearing, I do not recommend. I then replaced it with an Ergobaby carrier (pictured) which I highly recommend for versatility and many other reasons. I also own a mei-tai style carrier which I absolutely love. I could do a more detailed post on babywearing for those that are interested so let me know in the comments section. I bought my carrier on eBay but you can buy it from so many places. Just google it!

4. Electric Breast Pump


I did not need a breastpump too much with Chiddybear so I only used a manual Tommee Tippee. This time however, I believe I will be pumping more as I intend to be back working soon after baby is born. Unlike before, I will be introducing the bottle earlier to avoid bottle refusal which was a great challenge with Chiddybear. Fingers crossed that things work out the way I hope. I have heard good things about the Medela Swing so depending on affordability, I want to get either the single or double (preferably the double).

5. Reusable/Washable Breast Pads


I used a lot of disposable breast pads in the early days and I kept thinking "what a waste?!" So no disposables for me this time. Straight to reusables and I am going for these ones by Littlelamb (link to website at the end).

6. Lamp with Dimmer or Nightlight

This is an absolute must have for me especially as both my kids will be sharing a room eventually. I think it would be useful for night nursing and nappy changes. This is the one I am thinking of getting but if you have used another one you would recommend, please share in the comments area. I and others reading would really appreciate your input.

Buy Zazu Lou the Owl Nightlight



7. Nappy Disposal Bin

I didn't discover this until my son was over a year old. I spotted it at a friend's house and got one. I highly recommend it for ease of nappy disposal and to keep the smell away. Link to buy one above. I am also still considering cloth nappies so if you have any advice on that, please share!

Those are my essentials for now. If I decide to get anything else later, I would probably add it on here or in a new post linking back here.

Below are some websites I use for baby shopping:

NCT Shop

Kiddicare(I did most of ChiddyBear's shopping online and in store)


Cheeky Rascals

Littlelamb (For ecofriendly items like cloth nappies, nappy kits and breast pads)

Amazon Baby Registry (I made a wishlist for those who want to buy stuff for baby. You may want to try making one too to avoid getting just clothes as gifts)

Bounty UK (If you sign up you get regular emails with offers for baby items. I've taken advantage of some of the offers over the last 2 years)

I also wanted to add that when I'm not purchasing things brand-new, I go on eBay or Preloved so this might be helpful to someone. You bet I am looking on those sites too for some items on my list.

If you know of any other offers or useful information for baby shopping, please kindly share! Have an awesome week, guys!