On Breastfeeding My Baby



I exclusively breastfeed my baby. I intend to continue to do so until July when I go back to university, at which point I will start him on solids. I hope to continue to breastfeed until he weans himself completely. I am very serious. Yes I am probably going to be one of those mothers that breastfeeds her two year old. Let me explain why.

It is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that a mother breastfeed her baby for at least the first six months so that they can both enjoy the benefits. Some of those benefits include:

 - Breast milk is the only natural food designed for baby.

 - Breastfeeding protects baby from infections and diseases.

 - Breastfeeding provides health benefits for the mother.


 - It is available whenever and wherever your baby needs to feed.

 - It is always the right temperature.

 - It can build a strong physical and emotional bond between mother and baby.

Awesome right?! But why breastfeed for any longer than 6 months? For me it is simple. Apart from the fact that is recommended for all the obvious benefits listed above, I enjoy breastfeeding very much! Whenever I breastfeed my baby, I feel a rush. I call it the love rush. It makes me very happy in a way I cannot really describe. Feels a lot like eating chocolate...if you're into chocolate that is. It is thanks to OXYTOCIN! Oxytocin is the main chemical involved in the let down of Breastmilk. It is also the chemical involved when you fall in love. So you might now understand why I enjoy breastfeeding.

For my baby and I, breastfeeding came naturally. He latched on well from birth so I have never had to teach him. It has also always been very comfortable for me. However, I understand that breastfeeding does not happen so easily for a lot of women. A word of encouragement to all my ladies out there who really want to breastfeed but are having various difficulties, please do not give up yet and do not feel bad! There are so many resources out there to help make breastfeeding easier. If you are in the UK, ask your midwife, health visitor or GP for some help. They will most likely point you in the direction of a Lactation Consultant. If you are in other parts of the world, consult whomever handled your antenatal (prenatal) care for some help. I will include links to sites that I found helpful at the end of this post. Don't give up. Breastfeeding can be an amazing experience!



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