On Starting My Business


Today is a momentous day!

Want to know why? Please stick with me until the end as I share why and how I started my photography business.


Before we got married, my husband and I discussed and prayed extensively about the kind of home we wanted. I have always had a strong desire to be the one to care for my children in their early years. My husband understands and values this desire. My mother worked full time in her effort to provide us with the very best in life. We had many carers ranging from family members to paid strangers. She would have liked to be with us more and I understand how she feels. I feel the same way now. I am very grateful for the many great opportunities we have had as a result of her hardwork. However, I wanted a slightly different situation for my family.

Since I got pregnant immediately after the wedding, there was no chance to explore the option of working away from home. But once my son came, I had a strong yearning to work for financial reasons but more importantly for psychological reasons.

I thought and prayed long and hard about it. Between January when my son was born and the end of the year, I worked on starting my photography business. Although I studied photography, I never really thought about pursuing it commercially. My dream was to be an exhibiting artist, my work was always about personal expression so I wondered if I would do well working to clients' specifications. All those "for the love of art and not money", art school student fantasies were quickly replaced by reality. Don't get me wrong, I still do what I do for the love of art but I am happy to also earn a living from it. No starving artist here! 😁

So how did I start?


1. I wrote a business plan.

I pencilled down the sort of business I wanted, my goals, my target market, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, etc. It was very detailed and somewhat ambitious.


2. Sought business and financial advice.

From my husband who studied business, my mother who is an accountant and a few other people who could point me in specific directions. I put careful thought into everything I could including opening a business account, choosing base of operations, registering my business and more.


3. Registered my business.

I needed more than just a domain name and some social media pages to be official. Yes I am legit guys, this is not just a hobby!


4. Been working hard ever since!

Meiko Photography (www.meikophotography.com) was born 28 November last year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEIKO PHOTOGRAPHY! I am such a proud mama. It has and continues to be an interesting learning curve about business and about myself. I hope to share some of the things I have learnt in subsequent posts. Please click the link above to check out my work (in progress). I still have a lot to learn, many goals to reach and I am excited for what the new year will bring. Also check out the Instagram page tomorrow (@meikophotography) for a special birthday giveaway! (London residents or visitors only, sorry for now my International friends! But please tell a friend to tell a friend).


I hope this encourages someone who might be hoping to start a business. It will always remain a dream if you never take the plunge. Bring your dream to life! All the best.