Our Co-Sleeping Experience (Part 2)

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about the impact of co-sleeping on our relationship and today I wanted to share what we found to be some pros and cons of co-sleeping. We enjoyed and sometimes still enjoy co-sleeping with our son but we're working on him sleeping on his own more permanently now that baby number 2 is almost here.



1. It helped a great deal after the C-Section.

It was super uncomfortable getting up to pick up and feed baby so it was a no-brainier putting him in our bed. If I had to do it again for that reason, I absolutely would.

2. It made breastfeeding at night easier for us.

You'll often hear bed-sharing mothers describe just rolling over and feeding baby while still asleep. That has been my life. It has probably prolonged our breastfeeding journey too but that's a topic for another day.



1. Sometimes my husband and I just wanted our own space, which we couldn't have.

It was very frustrating at times especially once our son became a toddler and liked to sleep with his legs on our heads. I'm sure many co-sleeping families can relate to this.

2. The truth is that it has been a really difficult habit to break.

As you may know we recently moved to a bigger house so finally we can have separate rooms but the consequence of two years of sharing a bed is that he is so used to having warm bodies around him, being cuddled to sleep and being in a big bed. Getting him to sleep in his own bed in his own room has been tough and to be honest, being consistent has also been very difficult for me with this pregnancy life and being on our own five nights a week. If my husband was home to help more at night we might have more success with the process. I worry he'll never sleep on his own but I have no energy to do much about it right now. Just going with the flow as usual.

So would I co-sleep with baby number 2? Absolutely! I'll do anything to make my life a little easier. But I hope we will not have to bed-share this time. I intend to use a co-sleeper initially and hope that baby would sleep more independently as soon as possible. Whether that is what is actually going to happen is another story entirely because as motherhood has taught me, NOTHING IS SURE!

So share with me, did you co-sleep? Love it or hate it? Would you do it again? I enjoy reading your comments about your own experiences.

À la prochaine!