The 2 Month Mark


¡Hola Amigos!


Yes I know it has been way too long since my last post. As you probably can imagine, I have been VERY busy; my little family has made sure of that. I am back now though and today I want to share with you some effects that motherhood has had on me so far. By the way, my son is now 11 weeks old and thriving. He weighed 5.38kg [11.14 lbs] at 9 weeks, gurgles and coos, smiles A LOT and even makes funny faces at me. I am a proud mama! :-D

It is no secret that things change when a baby comes and for my husband and I, that is our reality. Various aspects of our life have evolved. Here are some ways things are different:



For me, these changes started while I was pregnant. For my husband, they seemed to have kicked in when our son was born. I see more of a side of him that I really love. A gentle, sweet, nurturing and fiercely protective side. I enjoy watching the way he looks at our son with joy, love and awe in his eyes. I love seeing him try to take selfies during father-son time. Makes me laugh! I have also discovered my maternal side, which I was scared I might not have and rediscovered my playful side. Keeping my son entertained is always fun and I am often rewarded with his wide toothless smiles. We are both very passionate about our boy. There is so much joy in our home and I have never felt more blessed.


There is always lots of talk about being financially prepared for parenthood. But I tell you being mentally prepared is much more important because Lord knows this journey can be overwhelming. Even when you felt ready like I did, it could still be a shock to the system. We have had to develop mental stamina to be able to cope with the million and one things thrown at us daily. I am not naturally a patient person and I have a fiery temper but since the birth of my son, I have found myself getting calmer, slower to anger, much more patient and tolerant. No more lack of self control. This is a wonderful thing!


Since my husband is the sole earner, this has been a tough one. We are quite thrifty to begin with and since baby joined us, we have had to tighten up even more to make sure that no matter what bills and unexpected expenses crop up, we at least always have food on the table and we never run out of baby supplies. Despite the great temptation to buy too much baby stuff, we have managed to keep our spend to a minimum by buying only what baby really needs, careful budgeting, DIY and buying cheaper products. FYI, cheaper does not always mean lower quality. Having a baby does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Trust me, there really is no need to buy the £500 moses basket when baby will grow out of it before you are done blinking. All in all, our baby's arrival has made us even more financially sensible.


By physically I really mean sexually... *giggles*... This one is everyone's favourite. Everybody likes (or does not like) to hear how sex vanishes once baby comes. Well the truth (our truth anyway) is that the sex-rate has decreased for all the obvious reasons and mainly because baby seems to know when we are in the mood. He chooses those moments to refuse to fall asleep, wake up, cry or scream. My husband swears that baby knows what we are about to do, I just sit there and laugh. The idea that baby knows on some instinctual level when we are about to get jiggy is funny and frankly creepy. Did I forget to mention how strange it is to switch from breasts for feeding to breasts for play? Too weird! With all that said, I have to include that perhaps because there is less "bedroom action", we express love in other ways: light meaningful touches, lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses. We are now making use of our Love Languages more than ever before.


Growing up, I remember my mother coming into our rooms at least once a week to lay hands on, anoint and pray for my brothers and I. My understanding of why she did that was quite vague at the time. The birth of my son has made me realise why she felt compelled to pray for us all the time. The responsibility for this young soul drives me to pray into existence all the great things I want for his life. I pray anywhere, everywhere, anytime! With that I would like to recommend Stormie Omartian's Power of a Praying Wife and Power of a Praying Parent. If you like e-books like I do, there are also kindle editions. These books are wonderful guides on how to pray for your family. I have found them very helpful and I know you will too especially if sometimes you struggle to find the words to pray.


So in summary, some things have changed, much has stayed the same. Everything that has changed has changed for the better. Although sometimes, things can be difficult especially financially, we choose to view everything in a positive light. On voit la vie en rose!