The BedNest Bedside Crib Review



If you have been following me for a while, you'll remember that shortly before my daughter was born I wrote a post about co-sleeping and my desire to try a co-sleeper this time rather than straight up bed-sharing. I also wrote a post about my baby essentials and from that list and your suggestions, I had a few co-sleepers to choose from. In the end, I decided to go for one that I considered to be the best deal: The BedNest Bedside Crib. Now that we have come to the end of usage, I have decided to share my thoughts on it.



1. It is sturdy and fastens securely to your bed.

2. It is adjustable to bed height. I was slightly worried about this but it fit my bed height perfectly.

3. It can be used freestanding. You don't have to attach it to your bed.

4. You can hire or buy. Since it's an item that would not be used for long, I liked that I could just return it once I was done. The hire fee is pretty good too at £69 (price in May 2016) for six or seven months use.

5. I am always concerned about hygiene with second hand items but I was pleased to find out that you receive a new mattress and sheets with your bednest.

6. It is delivered straight to your doorstep and is quite easy to set up. Note that worldwide shipping for bought cribs is available (except to Canada). Rentals are only available in the UK and some EU countries (see website for more details)




1. The connecting panel isn't exactly comfortable. It has metal rods in it that I was worried would make baby uncomfortable so I found myself having to layer a blanket over it when pulling baby across.

2. If your baby is big, he/she may not sleep in it for long (but I suppose this con is not unique to this crib). My daughter completely stopped sleeping in it at 3 months.

3. Although they say you can use it all over the house, I did not find it portable. It stayed in the room permanently.

Overall, I found the BedNest to be a good product. My baby slept well in it though only for a short time. The pricing for hire is decent. The option to hire is definitely the biggest plus, in my opinion.

Some people pointed out some old articles to me about a baby that died after getting caught between the connecting panel and the bed. I knew about this before I hired the bednest. PLEASE NOTE that current bednests being sold or hired have been modified to remove the half folding panel, which was the cause of the fatality (see this article for more details). It also comes with clear warning labels and a mini manual to remind you of how to safely use the bednest. As with most baby products, babies should not be left in it unsupervised. Be like me, keep baby glued to your hip! Just kidding (NOT! *wink*).