The Six-Month Mark


Can you believe my baby girl is six months old already? How and when did this happen? It feels like I blinked and six months went by. I'm so amazed! It's been a completely bonkers six months. This is the first update I'm doing since her birth so as you can imagine, I have lots to share.


How did we all adjust?

It took me two months to completely get my act together. Before than, I was always anxious to go out and didn't dare to leave the house with both of them by myself. One day, something clicked and I figured out how to get  all three of us ready in time to leave the house without having a panic attack. Since then there's been no stopping us. We go to at least two playgroups a week and have made many friends where we now live. ChiddyBear has adjusted really well. He loves playing with his sister and calling her "cute baby". Although he occasionally knocks her too hard on the head with a toy. My husband has probably had the hardest time adjusting, now working more hours and not spending as much time with us as we would like. There have been some pretty hard days, days I just hide in the bathroom and cry (for like two seconds before my son comes storming in to show me his lego tower). But overall, we are doing really well.


AmaraRose's Stats

Weighed 16 lbs 14 oz (7.46 kg) at 5 months  •  Still exclusively breastfed •  Sitting •  Crawling •  Pulling up on furniture •  Simultaneously active and super chilled out •  Laughs hysterically when mummy sings "Dingle Dangle Scarecrow"

I'm smiling as I type this. She's a great joy and such a beautiful, colourful addition to our family. I feel so blessed to be her mama.

I have also resumed work two weeks ago. So if you or someone you know needs a photographer for maternity, baby or family photographs, I'm taking 2017 bookings. Take  a look at my photography page.

We did a mini photo session on Friday. Here are some of our favourite shots of our lovely 6 month old:


You all have a wonderful week. A très bientôt!