Uncommon Pregnancy Symptoms

Do an Internet search for "pregnancy symptoms" and you will discover a world of craziness. I knew about some symptoms like nausea, fatigue, bloating because they are more common but there are some I had not heard of until I or someone close to me experienced them and I wanted to share a few.


1. Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I wrote a post about my experience with this debilitating condition. Please read about it here. I did not have the worst kind of it and my symptoms pretty much disappeared sometime during the second trimester but not before causing so much distress. Sometimes dismissed as just excessive vomiting, it should be taken seriously especially since it can lead to dehydration, weightloss, depression and last the entire nine months of some women's pregnancy. I salute all HG survivors out there and if you are suffering with this condition right now, I know how you feel. You are not alone, hang in there, seek medical help and know that it ends eventually with a beautiful blessing.


2. Extra Saliva (Spitting)

I was surprised by the number of people who did not recognise this as a pregnancy symptom. I guess I always knew about it because I remember my mother having a vomit/spit bucket by her bed when she was pregnant with my youngest brother. Apparently it is usually one of the side effects of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I had it with my first pregnancy but it ended sometime in the second trimester. This time, looks like I will be spitting all the way to labour and delivery. Disgusting? Yes! But I have learnt to manage it (especially when outside my home) with my trusty pack of extra minty chewing gum. Wrigley should give me shares with the amount of chewing gum I have consumed since August.


3. Change in Eyesight

I used to be short (near) sighted before I got LASIK a few years ago. But pregnancy seems to mess with my vision. My eyes get really dry and I cannot see/read things I would normally be able to. It is like being short sighted again. Thankfully, it resolved itself after my last pregnancy. I hope it will again this time.


4. Clumsiness/Terrible Coordination

Just the other day, I managed to trip going down the stairs and slid all the way to the bottom on my bum. Ouch! I find I am also more prone to cutting myself, spilling drinks and other household accidents. Has anyone else experienced this? It is so annoying right?! I wonder though if it is linked to my vision being affected by pregnancy.


5. Hair Loss

Lots of women including myself experience hair growth but I recently learnt that the opposite can happen. A girlfriend of mine lost hair in clumps. I researched and found that other women experience this too. She ended up not losing much hair postpartum so I guess that is some consolation? So if you find yourself with this symptom, it is not so strange and it will pass and your hair will grow back.


6. Toothache

It is unreal how much toothache I get with pregnancy. I was prepared for bleeding gums but I was not prepared for pain from mere chewing. Grateful I don't feel it every day but still, can life just be completely pain free please? 

So which of these did you or someone you know experience? Please share your other not so common pregnancy symptoms!




PS: 9 months pregnant this week! I will do an update soon.