What's the 411?


Hello Dear Friends!

It has been what feels like ages since my last post. I did not mean for it to take this long. Today is actually the first time in weeks I have felt like writing and actually had time to sit down and do it. So here I am, letting you know I am doing alright and giving you a general life update.


On Pregnancy:

My baby bun and I are doing great. Not much has really changed since the last update except that my belly is larger, baby kicks a whole lot more and I am almost in the third trimester. Well considering that some people count the third trimester from 27 weeks, others from 29 and even 30 weeks, I am just going to say that we are "unofficially" in the third trimester next week and officially there a couple of weeks after. Gosh! Why can't we all just agree on one thing? Apart from occasional nausea and a whole lot of spitting, I am no longer sick. Bye bye HG, I hope to never experience you again! I am scheduled for my Glucose Tolerance Test next week and my first antenatal check of the year the week after. Unfortunately (or fortunately) in the UK, low risk pregnancies don't get more than 2 scans so I don't get to see baby again until birth unless I'm able to book a 4D scan which I am seriously considering. I heard they are awesome. I also did a maternity shoot. I am still waiting for the full set images from the photographer but the previews are looking really good! Ahh, can't wait to share with you guys.


On January 29th:

My sweet baby boy turned 2! It was a very emotional day for me and if I wasn't already pregnant, I would be having serious baby fever by now. He has grown so fast but he is my baby boy forever. I didn't have as much energy or motivation as I did with his first birthday to plan for the day. So we just got him a cake last minute (Oops!) and we spent the the day out together at London Zoo. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen some photos and if you're not following me, well you should! I update my Twitter and Instagram more often.


I took mostly video clips on the day because I am hoping to put together a short birthday film for him. Something about seeing yourself in a film is amazing and I have often wished there were videos of me from when I was little. I hope he will love it when he watches in the future.


On Other Life Matters:

We have been hunting for our new home for a while now. We are seriously hoping for a breakthrough this month so please, pray with us!

My business is doing great. I have been working hard (maybe a little too hard sometimes) to put a few things in place to ensure growth especially now that I will be on maternity leave for a while. I think knowing that I will be out for a few months has me really motivated to do as much as I can now. I wonder if this happens to other mums. I just want to make sure no aspect of my life is neglected so I'm working as much as I can while I can.

I think that is about it for now. I will be announcing a gender prediction giveaway shortly so please watch this space.

Have a great weekend!