So you've booked your photo session, now what? Here are a few tips I hope will help you get ready for our time together.


1. Prepare what you'll wear.

What you'll wear for your photo session is so important and it is a good idea to start preparing them way beforehand so that you can wash what needs to be washed and iron what needs ironing. Read this detailed post on how to choose what to wear for your shoot HERE.


2. Rest well and eat well. Bring snacks for kids.

Make sure you are all well rested the night before your shoot. If anyone's cranky, it's likely to show during the shoot and in your photos. Also make sure you're not hungry especially where kids are involved. Bringing some snacks along even if it's for bribing is generally a good idea. 


3. Leave lots of time to get ready and it get to location. 

I know from experience that mums are always rushing around to get the kids ready so please take that into consideration when getting ready. Also if you have to get to a location, consider whether you know where it is and how long it'll take you to get there.


4. Natural is better. No "cheese", no stiff poses.

Natural smiles are so much better than forced posed ones. I know you may want some formal portraits and we will get those but for the most part relax, and leave the "cheese" at the door for the mouse.


5. Dads be cheerful!

I know that dads are sometimes nervous about photo shoots but don't worry dads, I've got you. Just try picking up your kid and playing a silly game with them. Relax!


6. Not everyone has to smile and look straight at the camera.

Like I already said, we will get the posed formal portraits if that is what you want but for the most part, carefree natural moments are really the most memorable and beautiful.


7. Doing an activity together makes for more natural photos.

It might be helpful to do an activity together that'll show your interaction as a family. For example, you might decide to make pancakes during your shoot, read a book or play a game together. The best photos are those that capture the people having a good time! 


8. Have fun!

Last but not least, have fun!! We are capturing beautiful memories that you and many generations in the future will look back at.  


I look forward to the photo session and meeting your whole family.