The Calm Birth School - Hypnobirthing home study course

Doulushka, Birth Doula - An amazing mum of 2 providing antenatal and postnatal assistance.

PrepMum - Pregnancy to Birth preparation. Services include bra fitting, nursery decorating and helping with purchase of baby essentials.

Birth Without Fear - Empowering women to make informed choices about childbirth.

Drugwatch - Facts about pregnancy and specifically relating to drugs and side effects. 


 Medela Rental

Ardo Rental

Ameda Pump Rental

Ameda and Medela Pump Rental

*Hospital grade pumps are the best to get the most milk out of your breasts.



Boo.B Smoothie - Add these powders to your morning smoothie and experience a boost in your milk supply within 24 hours. I have tried them myself.

Boobbix Lactation Cookies - Cookies rich in galactagogues (ingredients that help boost and maintain your supply).



Sling Pages - Sling libraries provide access to all kinds of baby carriers that you are not likely to find in high street and mainstream stores and sites. You can try them out, receive expert help and some libraries hire and sell too.

UK Sling Library Directory 

Love To Be Natural - Purchase all kinds of baby carriers, wraps and slings.

Wrap You In Love - Expert woven wrapper who I have learnt so much from



School Finder - Look for your local children centres and schools.

Home Education - If you wish to handle educating your children at home.

No Ordinary Bookshop - Mum run website for books for children of African descent.


FYI: this page will be updated as often as I get new information. My aim is to get together an extensive list to help mamas. So if you would like to see an important link added, please send me a message